The Festival of Lights

Diwali in India is regarded as a festival of family gatherings and festivities since one of its most significant components is the coming together of friends and family to do so. Without delicious food, lively dancing and singing, gift-exchanging, the lighting of diya (lamps) —small candles used for decoration and worship—and the lighting of firecrackers, Diwali celebrations would fall short. I enjoy spending this day with my family and friends and look forward to it every year. Since I started college, I had to spend a few Diwalis away from home. On this auspicious day, some students could experience unusually strong homesickness, like I did.

The last few months spent in Fisher has helped me make valuable relations and bonds which has only surprised me with time. I decided to host a Diwali gathering and invited a couple of the Indian students across the graduate programs, along with the a few class mates and seniors. We arranged for Indian food, decorated the house with lights and played some traditional Indian music. Everyone dressed up in their traditional clothes which made us feel close to home. It was great night where everyone got together in the spirit of the culture and enjoyed the festival of lights. Simultaneously, the Fisher Indian Student Association (FISA) organized a beautiful event and decorated the graduate student lounge for the celebrations.

Diwali away from home can be difficult, but the warmth that Fisher and my cohort has given has helped this festival of light to be a bright one for me!