Fall Events

The Fisher College of Business actively tries to organize events for students and their families to interact with each other and faculty outside of class. One of the most anticipated events is the Fall Fest, organized by the Fisher Student Council. The event is organized outdoors to enjoy the last few days of Fall before the winter sets in and was organized at Blacklick Woods Metro Park this year.

Fisher Fall Fest

We were lucky to enjoy a day of sunshine at the park with a lot of fun games including soccer and frisbee. The council also got a television set up for people interested in watching Ohio State Football against Penn State. It is a great chance for the first and second year students to come together, enjoy a meal, share their experiences and guide each other. 

The Fisher Indian Student Association also organizes the Annual Diwali Celebration, a huge cultural event at Fisher. The event is a chance for the Indian community to involve other students in their culture, with students and faculty dressing up in Indian attire and enjoying Indian food. These events play an essential role in driving a feeling of collaboration between students and encourage the exchange of ideas outside the classroom, as well.