3 Tips to Succeed in the MHRM Case Competition

The Ohio State MHRM program hosts a case competition each year. This year’s case competition was hosted by PepsiCo, and was conducted with the assistance of representatives from the Eaton Corporation.  During this experience, first year full-time students and second year part-time students gathered together to learn of a business problem facing the sponsoring company.  The students then had to craft solutions to these problems, and make a presentation on their group’s solution the following day.  Many different teams found unique routes to success in this endeavor.  I hope to share a few tips from my team’s experience for you to use in your first case competition with the Ohio State MHRM Program!

  1. Create a schedule, and stick to it.

My group found a lot of success in creating a schedule for the day before the presentation.  We set aside time for brainstorming, presentation building, practicing speaking, and more.  In creating this schedule, we were able to stay on task and get everything done in a reasonable amount of time.

  1. Don’t be afraid to take breaks.

Participating in a Case Competition can often feel like you are burning the candle at both ends.  Taking breaks during the work day can prove essential for ensuring that your team feels energized and focused on the solution at hand.  Our group took several breaks during the day to ensure that we had time to breathe and step away from the stress of the competition. These breaks helped us to be more effective when we came back together later in the day.

  1. Stay optimistic and appreciate your team members.

A positive attitude can have an immeasurable impact on your experience during the Case Competition.  Approaching the competition with an attitude of excitement and optimism can help the day to feel more fun than stressful.  In conjunction with this, ensuring that your team feels appreciated for their unique skills and contributions is essential.  Our team made sure that everyone had time to share their ideas and potential solutions.  Each team member was able to make use of their unique skills, and we all aimed to support one another.  This attitude helped us not only to enjoy the Case Competition, but to create a more successful presentation at the end of the event.

These tips may prove helpful in your first Case Competition with the MHRM program.  This event can truly be a great learning experience and place to build friendship with the right attitude.  Best of luck in your first Case Competition!