My MHRM Orientation Experience

Starting any new venture can be daunting.  Thankfully, the Fisher College of Business hosted an immersive orientation for the MHRM program that successfully introduced me to my classmates, launched me into the internship recruiting process, and helped me to better understand what the next few semesters will look like.  

Over the course of the three-day orientation, I was able to meet many of my classmates within my MHRM cohort.  We bonded over board games, introductory activities, and common questions about our chosen field of HR. Connecting with my fellow students helped me to feel more comfortable in starting this new program.  Many of my classmates came to the program from a background in HR, while many other students would take their first step into Human Resources with this program.  However, it was deeply reassuring to know that everyone in the program was united by a common drive to help people and businesses. It was so exciting to share our common passion for our chosen field of HR.   

In addition to becoming acquainted with my fellow grad students, the MHRM orientation helped me to better understand the summer internship recruiting process.  The Office of Career Management informed us that the internship recruiting season would begin the moment that we stepped on campus as a cohort.  The MHRM Orientation made this clear.  Within the first few hours of our orientation, we had the opportunity to attend a company recruiting event.  The speed of the start of this recruiting process seemed jarring at first, but the Office of Career Management (OCM) was there to help.  The OCM gave us numerous presentations, helping us to understand how to use STAR(t) stories during our behavioral interviews, and giving us guidance on how to go about the interview process.  The recruiting season seemed far less stressful knowing that my fellow classmates, the MHRM staff, and the Office of Career Management would be there to help us along the way.   

Finally, in addition to meeting my fellow students and getting started in the internship recruiting process, the MHRM orientation also gave me a clearer understanding of my immediate academic future within the Fisher College of Business.  Several of the professors that would ultimately be our teachers this fall attended the orientation, speaking to our cohort and answering many of the questions that we had about the classes to come.  Second year students in the program also attended the orientation, helping to ease many of our worries about homework, midterms, tough classes, and more.  This guidance from our professors and from the second-year students helped to ease my concerns about the classes and the program.   

Equipped with new friends, job application strategies and opportunities, and information about my classes, I left the MHRM orientation excited to get started in this program and on this journey.