Ending the MHRM Program with a Bang!

The last two years that I have spent in the MHRM program have been amazing, and it’s crazy to think that it’s all coming to an end. Looking back, there are few pieces of advice I would give myself as I was starting:

  1. Join a student organization. – I felt so overwhelmed in the beginning that I pushed any sort of extracurricular to the side. Looking back now I regret not getting more involved right from the beginning.
  2. Use the graduate student lounge as much as possible. – this was not exactly an option for me because I started the program during COVID. However, this is a great area to meet people outside of the program that can be crucial to your network!
  3. Reach out to more second-year MHRM students. – I felt a little lost starting the program and wish that I had reached out to more students that have experience under their belt. I would have asked more about their internship experiences, and how to best prepare for each professor, and asked for the advice that I am giving you right now.

These last few weeks of classes, my classmates and I have been talking a lot about what our future holds and memories from the program. From fun social events like football games, to laughing about our favorite quotes from professors, it’s safe to say we’ve collected some great memories we’re all going to take with us as we embark on our new journeys. While looking back, there is some advice my classmates wish they had as they started:  

“Remember to breathe. I was going to feel overwhelmed at some point no matter what but learning how to balance yourself in those situations is important….” – Morgan Dickman

“Focus on the knowledge and the deliverables, not the grades.” - Karen Gainer

"Take advantage of the guest speakers in classes to build your network" – Jorge El-Azar

“Be ready to hit the ground running your first semester, especially with recruitment. It is a very busy time and the more prepared you can be  the better you will be able to manage it and improve your chances of success.” – Ryan Place

Overall, after speaking with my classmates it was clear that the best thing we have gained from this program is not only the education – but the friends we made along the way.

“I would really encourage anyone starting the program to really get to know their cohort peers one on one. They are a really great resource when it comes to networking and learning different HR perspectives. Build strong relationships now because they’ll be helpful in the future.” – Elizabeth Magaña

“Take advantage of this opportunity to network and build relationships with the people in your cohort. I think one of my biggest takeaways from this program are the lifelong friends that I have made. We support each other not only in our professional lives but personal lives as well and I think that is hard to find so put yourself out there!” – Asia Evans

“…Having amazing people around you to support you helps immensely, especially when it is people going through the same thing” -Morgan Dickman