Full-Time MBA First Year in Review

Hello everyone!

It feels surreal how the first year in the MBA program has flown by. I wanted to write this blog post as a reflection on what I learned and any tips I can provide for future students.

What I Learned:

To sum up, I can say whole-heartedly that I learned a lot of information this year not only from an academic perspective but also on my personal growth. I have learned ways to advocate for myself as a leader in group work and class projects. I also learned the value of time management when being given multiple different deadlines and responsibilities. Lastly, I learned that rejection is not always a negative event. During the internship application process, I received many rejections to the point where I felt demoralized. However, I finally received an offer prior to Spring Break that I am incredibly excited to begin in the Summer of 2022. This goes to show that you only need one offer that matters to get your career started.

My Tips for Prospective Students:

I would encourage students to use these two years to learn as much as they can inside and outside the classroom. Collaboration is one of the key methods to learning which is why I would recommend joining a Fisher student organization. I joined Fisher Graduate Women in Business, Fisher Board Fellows, and Association for Marketing Professionals. It is very important to be able to create a network with business professionals and students. One of the best parts of attending business school was being able to make friends with people of unique professional backgrounds that I would not have met if not attending the Fisher MBA program. I am very grateful for the friends I have made in the program and hope to continue to make new ones. I would also encourage students to utilize the resources available at the Office of Career Management. It was incredibly helpful having a career coach to mentor me during the internship application and interviewing process. Lastly, I would strongly recommend taking elective courses that push your thinking outside the box. This is the time to expand on your knowledge, and what better way to do this than by taking electives that challenge your typical thinking process.