My Columbus Winter Weekends

As most probably know, Ohio State is a BIG BIG football school. So you may be wondering what we do with our weekends when winter hits and football comes to an end. Thankfully, Columbus still has so much to offer in terms of fun weekend activities and events. I thought I would share with you some of the fun things I have done and will be doing this winter in Columbus.

Check out different OSU Sporting Events: Ohio State has a long history of athletic success outside of football. Going to these games and cheering on these teams can be just as fun as seeing one of our famous football games. The great thing about this is that it is budget-friendly, as all sporting events except football and men’s basketball are free to attend. Personally, I love seeing both of our basketball teams dominate the court.

OSU Men's Basketball

See a concert: One great thing about Columbus is that many major bands and artists make a stop here on their tours. As such, it is easy to find concert tickets for any genre you might like. Even if you are a student with no car, many of these concerts are still easily accessible as Ohio State has two great venues, with Newport Music Hall and the Schottenstein Center less than a mile away from campus. I will see the Backseat Lovers play in just three days, and I can’t wait.m campus. I am going to see the Backseat Lovers play in just 3 days, and I can’t wait.

Newport Music Hall

Catch a movie at Gateway Film Center: Ohio State is a great place to be a movie buff, since it is right next to one of the best movie theaters, Gateway Film Center. Gateway is an independent cinema, which allows them to play a wide variety of movies. You can catch everything from the latest blockbusters to restored classics to foreign indie films. The best part about all this is that through the D-Tix desk at Ohio State, you can get tickets to any movie for just $3.

Gateway Film Center

Shop at Easton Town Center: Easton Town Center is a shopping plaza/mall that is located just 20 mins away from Campus. While it is a bit far, the journey is worth it as there is every store imaginable there. You can find about anything you need to buy, but even if you don’t want to spend any money window-shopping there is still a great time. As I am not a big shopper myself, you will frequently find me at the Trader Joes or Auntie Annes getting a snack.


Hit the Bars/Restaurants around Campus and on Short North: Columbus has no shortage of great bars and restaurants. They offer some great food and drinks, but more importantly, they are a great place to make friends and memories. Since my 21st birthday about a year ago, I have got to try out a fair amount of them, but there are still more than I could ever imagine going to. Some of my favorite places to go are Arch City Tavern, The Big Bang, Bristol Republic, and Ugly Tuna 2.

.Arch City Tavern

Columbus has kept me thoroughly entertained this winter, and there are still so many more things that I have not done yet. I encourage you all to check out the many great things Columbus offers, even when it is a little bit snowy and cold.