My Top 3 Places on the Ohio State Campus

Today I wanted to give some insight on the beautiful campus we have here at Ohio State. I thought there would be no better way to do this then to share a little bit about each of my 3 favorite places on the Ohio State Campus.

Starting with a building that is directly apart of the Fisher College of Business we have Mason Hall. Through my time as an undergraduate and graduate student at Ohio State, I have spent so much time here that it has to be on my list. The reason that Mason Hall is such a great place is that it has everything that a business student could ever need in a building. On top of a multitude of classrooms, Mason has great group and individual study areas. If you need to get some solo studying done for a test, you can grab a seat in the iconic rotunda and grind away undistracted for hours. If you need to get a group project or study session done, as a business student you can reserve a small private room that even comes equipped with a tv and hookups. If you need any fuel during these study sessions, you can stop by Rohr Café on the first floor of Mason. They serve a broad selection of Starbucks Coffees and snacks made by the world class chefs over at The Blackwell Inn. Possibly the most underutilized feature of Mason Hall is the Bloomberg Lab. Here students have the ability to use a Bloomberg Terminal that would usually cost them thousands of dollars a year. These terminals are great for so many reasons; they can help you research investments, gather company information to prepare for an interview, or even network with other users who use Bloomberg Terminals.

The next building up on my list would have to be the RPAC, Ohio State’s largest recreation facility. I’ve seen that a lot of graduate students don’t utilize this as much because it isn’t right next to the business school. The 10-minute walk it takes to get from Fisher to the RPAC is absolutely worth it. It is easily the most impressive gym I have ever been to. When looking at the features it offers, the question isn’t “what do they have,” it is “what don’t they have?” There is everything you could want in the RPAC. Some of my favorite things to do there are: grabbing a smoothie from courtside café, lounging in the hot tub, hopping in a pickup basketball game, and obviously getting a good lift in. On top of all this, I often study in the RPAC too, as it has some great seating and a lively atmosphere that can help stave off any boredom.

The final building on my list is Curl Market, one of our many dining locations of campus. There are two main reasons why I love this place. The first and more obvious of the two is the food. Curl Market is almost like a food court with multiple different food stations specializing in different cuisines. They have pasta, sandwich, sushi, and burrito stations that you can order from either in person or through the Grubhub App. When the weather is nice, they even have an outdoor grill station that makes pizzas and burgers. My go to has always been a chicken burrito bowl. The other reason, Curl makes my list is the great upstairs area they have above the food market. If you head up the stairs, you will find two rooms with all glass walls and tons of tables. This is always where I go if I have a break between classes since it is just a short walk from Fisher and I love the natural light. It is great whether you want to study, eat, or just hang out.

This wraps up my list. If you are ever on the Ohio State Campus, I highly recommend that you check out these awesome places.