We're Back!

As a 2nd year MBA student at Fisher, it occurred to me recently that every portion of my MBA journey has been a different experience in a different setting. When I applied to the program back in late 2019, there was no global pandemic. I interviewed in person, toured campus, and had lunch with current students. For our inaugural fall semester in 2020, my cohort was able to meet in person for classes, albeit in a large auditorium with social distancing and masks. In the spring, we were completely virtual for all classes and activities. Now, in the fall of 2021, we are finally in Gerlach Hall where we had always planned to be.

I have to say, I am so happy to be on campus again. Chatting with classmates on the way to class, catching up in the graduate student lounge between classes, and just being here during football season – these are the experiences I had in mind when applying to this program 2 years ago. Looking forward to in-person classes, student org activities, football games, and getting my steps in! Go Bucks!