First Year in the Books!

As it was for everyone else, this was a strange spring for me. Challenging times help us grow, and that was certainly my experience over the past few months. If I had to share one nugget of learned wisdom with incoming students, it would be this: make time for fun during your MBA program. Having classes completely online this spring with very limited options for in-person interaction, I found myself slipping into the habit of “all work, no play”. Hopefully, it will be much easier to not fall into this trap next year as more classes and activities are in-person again, but I think it is still worth mentioning.

It is easy to suddenly be “all business” as you approach classes, interviews, case competitions, and even student organizations. We are in the MBA program, after all! But don’t forget to build relationships beyond networking ones. Don’t forget to let loose once in a while. Don’t forget to talk about things other than business - like family, food, sports, and other fun stuff. My goal for the 2021-2022 school year is to be more intentional about carving out time for social activities. I highly recommend doing the same, because we only get to do this MBA thing once!