MAcc Spirit in the MAcc Council

In the MAcc Program, there are ample leadership opportunities, including the MAcc Council. The MAcc Council consists of 5 leadership positions to represent and engage with MAcc students. The council is in charge of building a strong community amongst the students. We organize virtual events to engage and connect with students. Within the MAcc Council, the five leadership positions include President, Vice President, Treasurer, VP of Social Events, VP of Community Service, and Summer Representative. So far, the experience has been gratifying. I have gotten to work with great female leaders in the current MAcc Council.

This year I have the opportunity to serve as the MAcc Council Treasurer. As the Treasurer, I am responsible for organizing fundraising opportunities and guiding the council with the monetary funds.

For my first initiative, I created a fundraising opportunity by selling MAcc Program quarter-zips to students in the program. I was able to work with university vendors and design a quarter-zip with student input. We were able to have the quarter-zips directly delivered to students and build team spirit amongst the students. With the help of the MAcc Council, we were able to advertise and sell around 40 quarter-zips!

Students in the program loved the quarter-zips were so excited to remain connected even in a virtual environment. I valued getting to engage with fellow students and incorporating their input when designing the quarter-zips. The best part is when students are on zoom repping their quarter-zips during class!

Enjoying our Quarter-Zips!

We have also had another fundraising opportunity at Blaze Pizza. Students were able to order their pizza and help raise funds for the program. This was a great way to engage with students while being socially distant and safe during a pandemic. We are hoping to continue our strong engagement and fundraising opportunities for the rest of the Spring semester.

It has been such a rewarding experience to work with the MAcc Council and learn from their leadership skills. I would highly encourage others to participate in the MAcc Council!