Adapt, Learn, & Grow with Your Core Team

Core Teams at Fisher are a big deal! They are an opportunity to learn from others, fail safely, and ultimately, grow as a person, all while adding four new friends to your life. From the student's perspective, the process is straightforward. Our cohort is separated into small groups at the beginning of the Autumn semester and again at the Spring semester. From that point on, we do most class projects together. Simple!

The current health crisis changed the way we conduct all in-person activities, including classes and extracurriculars. So, my core team turned to the only two platforms we trust, video conferencing and informal online chat groups. We designed a meeting agenda that encourages time to debrief about our day and classes, get us up to speed on assignments, complete assignments, and end with high notes about our week. Understandably, without the current restrictions, my core team would have had the chance to get to know one another in and out of Gerlach Hall. We would have had the option to meet up after classes, work in common areas, and even grab a cup of coffee. But, because we cannot do any of that, we found that the key is to share our needs and set boundaries. We have adapted quickly and commit a significant effort to meet our academic and professional goals. I do not need to tell you that it is not easy to go from a virtual class to a high functioning group in minutes, but somehow we make it work every week.

I give our autumn semester faculty a lot of credit for guiding us to get the most out of our situation. We were instructed to share our goals and communicate often. These guidelines of successful teams really helped us understand how to bring out the best in each other. Maybe our core team experience was not as we envisioned it when we applied to the program, but it certainly has taught us how resilient we truly are in the face of uncertainty.

With this said, shout out to the two best core teams I could have asked for! Fall Team 6, Spring Team 7, without you, I would not have learned and grown as much I did. Thank you!