SMF Spring Semester

Spring semester has finally started!

Spring Coursework

The spring semester is the most exciting for many SMF students because, among all the classes, only 1 class is mandatory while all others are electives. This semester is designed to be flexible in ways that will deepen our knowledge of finance while providing opportunities to apply our knowledge in the action-based practicum. This customization allows students to choose classes that accommodate the career tracks we choose to pursue. We were provided with all course syllabi in the fall before registering for courses, so we were able to understand the course offerings and make informed decisions based on what is most relevant for our career goals.

The Finance Consulting Practicum

The capstone course, Finance Consulting Practicum, is design to move us beyond the classroom and into real-world application. Professor Sheridan and Professor Pinteris work diligently to source exciting projects with companies across the country. Clients will provide project proposals by early February, and then we will be able to make our selections and kick off the projects soon thereafter. The Finance Consulting Practicum is one of the top reasons that students choose the Fisher SMF program, as we will be working for and interacting with companies directly to solve real-world financial problems. The project details will vary, and we get to choose the one with the skills we are most interested in developing. For myself, I am in the risk management track, and I am excited to see projects on analytics topics!

Happy holidays and welcome back to Spring Semester!