How I spent my first winter break away from home


The excitement for spring is real
The excitement for spring is real!

I have always been a fan of enjoying my winter breaks with my family, however this winter was a lot different. I was away from my home country and undeniably home sick as well as curious to visit home amidst the Pandemic. Thinking more about this was not helping me at all, so I decided to put the homesickness aside and engage in some relevant things.

My winter break started off with realizing that I was not the only one dealing with away from home winter break experience. Along with my closest classmates of the SMF program, we went for a barbeque dinner at Gogi Korean BBQ. The socially distanced dinner was much needed to wind up the fall semester as well as to take a break from the zoom overdose.

Korean BBQ
When Eman became the BBQ expert in no time

The most successful achievement to conclude an eventful 2020 was that I booked a date for my road test, and, to my surprise, received my driving license on my first attempt! The Office of International affairs has a page dedicated to all the steps needed for an international student to obtain the license. Getting a license is really important even if you are not planning to drive a vehicle. The license serves as your state ID proof, and carrying the passport around is not always the advisable choice. My family was generous enough to lend me their car, so the license really helped me get around. The first winter drive was to Cuyahoga Valley National Park in Cleveland, roughly two hours from the campus. The view in winter snow was breathtaking and it was a delight to go on small hikes wherever the trails were opened.

Cuyahoga Valley National Park
Wall-E at the successful completion of another national park on the list

Most importantly, I always needed a break to focus on developing the ideal resume. I took my time to utilize the tools provided by Fishers career management to tailor a professional resume. The career management resource assists with resume development, networking, and even contains research about companies in the database. Semester break, with zero course loads, is the perfect time to invest in exploring these valuable Fisher resources.

Here's to starting off an amazing year in Columbus, and looking forward to some much-anticipated electives!

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