Student Organizations

As my first semester wraps up, I want to share my “highlight reel”. For me, the experiences outside of the classroom are what drew me to Fisher, so I want to hit on some of the things that have made this strange time feel more normal.


At the beginning of the semester, I attended the student organization fair and was drawn to three clubs in particular. I will touch on each of them here. FisherServes is a group which focuses on community service. Prior to the autumn semester, the student leaders of the group reached out to several Ohio nonprofits needing assistance with specific projects. One of those nonprofits is Motherless Daughters Ministries, which supports women who have lost their mothers by providing support groups, blogs, and retreats with other women. The founder is looking to transition the many day-to-day responsibilities to someone else, but she needed help with a clear succession plan and ironing out all the details of a transition.

I was assigned the role of team leader for the Motherless Daughters Ministries project, and I have three other Fisher graduate students from various programs on my team. There are a few great things about this. First, I get to interact with students from other programs who I may never meet otherwise. Second, I get to work on a project which is outside my comfort zone, as I do not have much HR or nonprofit experience. Third, this project is addressing a real and urgent need of the founder, which motivates us all to dig in and create a solution with our combined knowledge and research.

Fisher Graduate Women in Business

Another group I joined is Fisher Graduate Women in Business. Because women are still a minority in MBA programs, it is important to connect with each other and talk about the specific issues that impact us. The student leaders of this group have focused on bringing in female academic and business leaders to speak with us about their experiences. In addition to virtual happy hours, these are a great way for us to interact and understand other female leaders’ paths as we find our own.

Fisher Board Fellows

The third group I am excited to be a part of is Fisher Board Fellows. Although as a first-year student, I have just been accepted into the group and have not started work yet, I look forward to serving on the board of a local nonprofit as a non-voting member and having an impact in the local community.

Bonus: Fisher Graduate Finance Association

Finally, although I did not join this organization, I want to give a shoutout to Fisher Graduate Finance Association. I attended each session of their Finance Bootcamp which was held over several weeks at the beginning of the semester. This bootcamp was exceptionally helpful for learning about careers in finance and preparing for interviews. The student leaders of the club put a lot of effort into the bootcamp and showed that we first-years have a lot to live up to!

Here is a link if you want to learn more about the different graduate student organizations at Fisher!