Fall Semester Advantures

With the Fall semester in the rearview, I wanted to take some time to reflect before the Spring semester kicks off.  For starters, I learned that November is just the most beautiful in Columbus. Let me share my activities in Columbus to give you some inspiration on planning your future Fall journeys in Columbus!

As an agriculture giant, the state of Ohio has so much to offer in the harvesting season. You can't go wrong with Laurelville Fruit Co. at Hocking Hills! As an apple cider lover, I can proudly say this is probably one of the best you can find in Ohio! In autumn, I took almost weekly trips to Hocking Hills to hike and enjoy some ciders (keep fit and keep stuffed!). Not to mention Hocking Hills is a scenic state park that is a 1-hour drive from the OSU campus, and there are many different trails for outdoor activities and hiking. Be sure to check them out!

Laurelville  Fruit Co. at Hocking Hills

Due to COVID, there is a 10-people gathering limit in Ohio. In the holiday season, we could not celebrate Halloween as normal with the entire SMF crew, however a few of us in the class did a small Pumpkin carving activity together after class in the spirit of creativity. A little DIY decoration for the house gives you warmth from friendship!

Carved pumpkin(s)

OSU classes moved to strictly virtual after Thanksgiving until the semester ended due to students' holiday travel plans. The university required COVID tests before taking off at no cost to the students. I really appreciate that OSU takes good care of students and is putting a lot of preventive efforts for the safety of students and faculty. The tests take place at Jesse Owen North Fitness hall right across from Fisher college, and the process is self-serve and easy - just spit in a tube and shake with the chemicals! It is not as intimidating as using Q-tips to retrieve saliva from your throat, and the on-campus testing method is so quick and convenient. Test results come out electronically to our email addresses within 3 days, and we are good to go to enjoy the holiday season while keeping everyone around us safe!

COVID testing kit

That's all I wanted to share with you about my fall adventures on campus and in Columbus!  I hope you are able to see just how exciting life surrounding campus can be!