Latina Buckeye: Why a Florida Girl Calls Ohio Home

Hello! My name is Carmen Lopez-Ramirez, and I am a first-year Full-Time MBA candidate at Fisher. I cannot write this without acknowledging that I am privileged to be on this academic and professional journey while others cannot. Covid-19 changed the world and reshaped our lives, to say the least. When I applied to the MBA program back in January, my idea of what this experience would be like was entirely different from today's reality. With that said, I am infinitely grateful to be a new Latina Buckeye at THE Ohio State University.

As an immigrant from Guatemala, I was raised in a tight-knit community in North Miami Beach, Florida, before completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Florida.  After graduation, non-profit program management was my world. Still, I wanted to grow and develop as a professional and a leader, like many of you. So, what exactly attracted me to Fisher? Why leave the warm, sunny beaches of Florida for the gorgeous fall leaves of Ohio? Answer: Fisher's staff and faculty.

As I researched MBA programs, my gut told me to accept the school with the right people to become partners in my development. I wanted to be in a community that cared for one another and celebrated each other's achievements. My interactions with Fisher's professionals, students, and faculty made it an easy choice. Fast forward to the present. I can state that although the pandemic has changed how we experience the MBA, Fisher stands stronger than ever, and I am proud to be part of it.

It has only been about seven weeks since the beginning of the semester, but I have already learned the true meaning of prioritizing, accomplished goals, failed in new ways, and taken midterms. The best part is that there is still so much more to tackle! For now, I am looking forward to getting more involved with Latinx groups, selecting electives in leadership and Human Resources, and perhaps taking up a new sport. Life is different now than it was at this time last year, and I am embracing it wholeheartedly. Go Buckeyes!