Navigating Grad School during Coronavirus

Adjusting to grad school can be difficult, however, throwing a pandemic into the mix adds another set of challenges as well. In this blog, I will share about my time at Ohio State as a grad student during the last 1.5 months and how Ohio State and FCOB have made the most out of this unprecedented period. 

FCOB MHRM Orientation 

  • This was the first time the MHRM Orientation was held over Zoom and in a virtual setting. I was also an undergraduate student at Ohio State so I remember how much fun I had during my in person orientation back in Fall 2014.  This made me feel a bit uneasy about having a virtual orientation. To my relief, FCOB was well prepared to transition this orientation to an online platform. We discussed meaningful items about our program and career opportunities: Fall Recruiting, courses, Fall case competition, faculty introduction, and alumni introduction. We also had a chance to join break out rooms and meet some of our classmates!

Career Seminar 

  • The FCOB Office of Career Management has an MHRM Career Seminar every fall for the first year students. This was a great opportunity to learn more about Fall Recruiting; this year Fall Recruitment was completely virtual, which had challenges of its own, but thankfully Fisher provided us with great tips on how to navigate the virtual settings. 


  • This semester I am taking Foundations of HR, Talent Management, Negotiations, and Crucial Conversations. Foundations of HR and Talent Management are both in person courses, which was only made possible by careful planning and incredible flexibility of faculty. Ohio State took the best possible precautions by spreading out the desks to be six feet apart, requiring mask wear inside the classrooms, and having hand sanitizer outside of every classroom. 

Getting to know classmates 

  • The MHRM Council has had a few virtual events over Zoom where we have had a chance to get to know one another. I am delightfully surprised how quickly most of us became friends because its a challenge to stay connected with people during this unprecedented time. I can say that my cohort and I did put in the time and effort over Zoom and GroupMe to form those connections. 

Going Forward 

  • I do not know what the future holds for this Pandemic, while I hope this will all be over in the Spring I am trying my best to stay positive. No matter what I know FCOB and OSU will take the proper precautions to keep their students safe while creating an environment for collaboration and engagement.
  • OH.......IO! Through time and change. 

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