Forever a Buckeye

Hi, future Buckeyes! My name is Christine Grooms and I am a current student in the Master of Accounting program here at The Ohio State University. Growing up in the suburbs of Columbus, Buckeye culture has always been a part of my life. Not only did I get to experience the school pride through sporting events and music concerts throughout my childhood, but I also attended Ohio State for my undergraduate degree! This year at Fisher I will be serving as a BSBA/MAcc Graduate Ambassador. Being a combined student means that I am able to simultaneously finish up my undergraduate degree while completing my graduate degree. I am so excited to take you along my journey around campus and Columbus!

An item to add to your OSU bucket list: take a photo in the Shoe!
An item to add to your OSU bucket list: taking a picture on the field of the Shoe!

A little bit about me…

  • I studied accounting and statistics in my undergraduate degree. Truly a math lover at heart.
  • Huge coffee fan! Need a coffee shop recommendation, I'm your gal.
  • Grocery shopping is my favorite hobby. You can often find me wandering the aisles for hours just for fun... love the kitchen, love to cook!
  • I am passionate about sustainability and social impact through business.
  • After graduation, I will be working for Crowe in their Columbus audit practice.

Columbus really does have it all – from a wonderful education in the MAcc program to tasty restaurants and beautiful hiking trails, there is so much to share about. I am looking forward to bringing you along on my blog adventure this year both in the classroom and around Columbus!

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