From Dayton To Columbus: Becoming A Fisher Grad Student

Hi everyone!

I am Harleen Bajaj! I’m a MAcc Program Ambassador for the Fisher College of Business. This blog is a way to share the insights and perspectives of students currently in the graduate programs at Fisher College. Although this is a strange year, we are hoping to still connect with students and bring in new talented students for the upcoming year!

I am from Dayton, Ohio and graduated from Wright State University for undergrad. I truly loved the smaller campus feel at WSU. However, I’m excited to venture out of my comfort zone and make new connections at OSU!

Already within the first few weeks, I have started to feel the difference in the pace of grad school versus undergrad. This year brings in a challenge for building friendships and connections. For Autumn I, our classes have been a mixture of in-person and online. Each class is broken down into Section A and B (depending on the last name), which results in you likely interacting with the same group of students for each in-person class. However, professors for each class have been intentional to group students in a variety of ways for team projects and exercises. This new way of learning has made the adjustment surprisingly easier than I had expected.

Within this short period of time, recruiting season has already picked up. Students have been actively engaging with recruiters through virtual office hours and information sessions. Although the in-person aspects of recruiting are important, virtual recruiting has been a blessing in-disguise! I have found it extremely convenient to time manage and schedule office hours with the ease of simply sitting in my apartment. It’s truly a time-saver not having to go to different areas of campus for classes and recruiting! 

I am really looking forward to making more connections and memories here at Fisher, OSU, and Columbus! I am excited to see where the next 9 months will lead us! I hope you all stay safe and healthy during these uncertain times!

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