Why is it called "Fisher" College of Business?

When you first started looking at our program, you may have asked yourself why we are called the Fisher College of Business. Then you probably shrugged and forgot all about it. Well, I'm here to answer that burning question for you.

Like many business schools, we are named after a benefactor who contributed a significant amount of money to build and expand the business school here at the Ohio State University. Our benefactor was Max M. Fisher.

Max Fisher grew up in Salem, Ohio in a Russian-Jewish immigrant family. He attended the Ohio State University where he was awarded a football scholarship and joined the Phi Beta Delta fraternity. He graduated during the Great Depression, and his experience during this challenging time would leave a lasting impact on Max that would contribute to his lifetime of giving.

Upon graduating, he joined his father's oil company before moving on and starting his own which would go on to become one of the largest in the midwest. He would later sell his company to Marathon oil for the equivalent of almost $400 million USD in today's money. From there he began investing in real estate and banking, where he continued to grow his wealth.  Outside of his business dealings, Max became prominent member of the American Jewish Community and was an advisor on both economic and middle eastern policy to every president from Eisenhower to George W. Bush.

Throughout his entire life, Max Fisher believed it was important to give back to the community and improve the lives of future generations. In Detroit he built the Max M Fisher Music Center, where today the Detroit Orchestra plays. He raised over $100 million USD for various Jewish Charities. And he and his wife created the Max M. & Marjorie S. Fisher Family Foundation to continue giving back even after they both passed away.

Max Fisher will be remembered as a titan of industry and a great American Philanthropist whose legacy lives on here at the Fisher College of Business at the Ohio State University.

So in his honor we make every attempt as Fisher MBA students to perpetuate the vision that Max Fisher dreamed of for our school:

"I'd like to leave a legacy to help create something here at [OSU] that would bring out the best in kids, and bring the kind of students that make an impact on the country and the world itself. Because I've always had this philosophy that it's not walls that build us, it's what goes on inside."

~Max M. Fisher

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