Landing My Dream Internship!

I recently landed my dream internship with Microsoft. This summer I will be working as a Product Marketing Manager within their Cloud Marketing Group in Seattle! My goal in coming back to grad school was to pivot from Logistics into Marketing and I am doing just that. There was no shortage of hard work as I had plenty of interviews, with plenty of yes’s and some no’s! I took chances and gambled on myself to land the dream internship I have always wanted.

The Interview Circuit

Recruiting began as soon as I arrived on campus last fall. I interviewed with companies that would give me the opportunity to do what I set it out to do on this MBA journey: pivot into marketing. Companies really appreciate MBA students who are looking to leverage their experience but are also looking to pivot into a different function. I knew that Microsoft was where I wanted to begin my post-MBA career, so that was my first stop. However, I didn’t limit myself. I applied for multiple marketing positions within multiple organizations around the US. I marketed myself as being geographically mobile. I had close to twenty interviews over the course of six months, first and final rounds included!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

Recruiting goes way beyond the interviewing; interview prep is a huge part of it as well! I participated in events such as a speed casing, a play on “speed dating”, and a Marketing Boot Camp to prepare for the interview that would eventually change my life. In addition, I was afforded the opportunity to spend time with other classmates, who helped me prepare for case interviews. Case interviews were usually the toughest and were what stretched me the most throughout the process. But, having spent a few weeks last summer understanding the process at Microsoft via Reaching Out MBA recruiting, I knew casing would be a huge component. This opportunity also gave me a chance to really understand Microsoft’s culture and how I could fit into that culture.

Worth The Work

One fun thing about recruiting is the people you meet throughout the process from other business schools. I got to know the small community of people who were also hustling to make their dream internship happen! The amount of support that I have received from this community is beyond amazing.

Through my experiences, I realized a big part of the recruitment process is being able to accept the good with the not so great. The recruitment process is a rollercoaster, so you must be prepared for the ups and downs that come with it. The ride overall was an enjoyable one and I received nothing but love and support from my Fisher Family, which made landing my dream internship more than just a dream.


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