Weekend Adventures in Columbus

Cheering the Buckeyes on to a win!

This past weekend in Columbus was a blast as I had one of my friends from undergrad visiting, braving the cold coming up from Atlanta. Showing him around campus and the city was a great time. Columbus makes it easy for me to be a great host and show a guest an action packed weekend.

On Saturday, we hit up the men's basketball game against Purdue. Student tickets are super affordable and give a closeup view of the court. As always, the Buckeyes in the student section were lively and loud as the team cruised on to a win. Personal highlights included catching not just one but two free t-shirts.

After the game, we headed south to spend the afternoon browsing North Market, which is downtown, a quick drive from campus. It's an open market food hall type of place with a ton of vendors selling anything from donuts to ramen. We got a few different foods but of course not everything we wanted to try because a person's stomach can only hold so much.

After Sunday brunch and a trip to the airport, my fun weekend was over and now we're all buckling down. Finals for this unit of classes are looming and then MAcc students will begin our final courses. Crazy how time flies.