Lounging throughout the Semester

This week marks the last week of the first session of spring semester for most specialized master's programs' students, which means that the Graduate Lounge in Gerlach Hall is busier than usual. To offer some insights into our graduate life, below are some ways students often use the lounge for.

To have lunch with friends.

The lounge is equipped with two refrigerators for students to store their lunches, and two microwaves to reheat food, which are very convenient. There's always space in the refrigerators for anyone who would like to store their lunches there, and there's rarely a line at the microwave!

The microwaves are located right outside of the lounge. The refrigerators are inside.

To work on group projects.

There are several round tables in the lounge to facilitate group works. I personally have meetings with my teammates in the lounge almost 80% of the time. The only time I would work elsewhere, usually in one of the student-reserved rooms, is when I need to practice for a presentation with my group, as those rooms are equipped with TV screens to project our presentation slides.

Students working at round tables.

To grab some FREE food.

The graduate programs usually provide free donuts and coffee at the beginning of every session for all students. There's no announcement needed. When we see friends holding donuts going around, we know it's the day. Sometimes there are free food from events happening in the building and is available for everyone, so it's a quick lunch if you forget to pack your own.

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