It's not just studying and networking!

You would think that graduate students are all studying, networking and no fun (the last part was kind of exaggerated, but you know what I mean). However, we do have those days where we would gather and goof around.

A couple of weeks ago, after our midterms, our SMF class along with our professors, decided to make use of a Saturday and went bowling. We had a total of seven lanes reserved and we went all out playing against each other.

Everyone going all out on a Saturday Afternoon
Everyone going all out on a Saturday afternoon

It was truly an enjoyable day! Working as an ambassador for the SMF program, I got the chance to interact with many prospective students, and one of the concerns they have, specifically international students, was that they wouldn't be able to get along with the whole class and the professors.

Well this picture should help address that!

Our SMF Class with our Professors
Our SMF Class with our Professors

With a class size of 48 bright individuals, we are able to bond with not only each other but with the professors as well. The program's faculty actually take time to get to know the students and hang out with them while also providing advice and intertwining lessons in the midst of relaxing conversations.

I'm really looking forward to our next "hang-out" session!