Intro to Organizational Business Coaching

One of the reasons I enjoy the MAcc program so much is because it allows me the flexibility to take elective classes that spark my professional interests. As a student who one day aspires to be the CFO of a company, I wanted to take extra HRM (human resource management) classes to understand more about organizational structure, what makes people tick, and how to be an effective leader.

One of my favorite classes I'm enrolled in this term under the HRM designation is called introduction to organizational business coaching. The class focuses on ways to be a better coach for young professionals looking to get from point A to point B in their lives. While I probably won't be putting these coaching skills to use in public accounting as an entry-level associate, I have learned many valuable skills that I'll be able to use further down the road in my career to inspire and motivate others. In the picture above, I'm actually giving some coaching advice to a peer of mine as part of one of the class's learning exercises!

Although I encourage prospective students to remain diligent in their accounting courses, I also want to acknowledge how important it is to take a few electives that are not accounting-designated courses. It has helped me view the world of business from different perspectives and has definitely made me a more knowledgeable and well-rounded professional.