OSU is Balling Out

As I have mentioned several times before, it’s my fourth year here at Ohio State, and before this year, I had never attended an Ohio State basketball game (shocking, right?!). I was beginning to feel that I was left out all the excitement. So, I decided to change this, and I attended my first OSU basketball game last semester, and I can affirm I 100% was missing out on all the fun. The basketball game I attended was so much fun that I went to three games since. I grew up watching NBA basketball, but watching fellow Buckeyes play on the court is on a whole different level of excitement.

 It is super easy to attend a basketball game here at Ohio State. All you have to do is go to this website and click on Student Ticket Offers. There you can buy a ticket to a game for just $10! On game day, once you get to the Schottenstein Center, you enter from the student entrance off of the high street, and once you scan your eticket, you get to choose the location of your seats. This ticket gets you a seat into the student section, which sits right behind either the home bench, away bench, or the west basketball hoop. For just $10, you could have third-row seats to a Buckeye Game! 

These games are an excellent opportunity to hang out with my MAcc friends outside of the classroom while watching an exhilarating game of basketball. The entire student section is always cheering and getting rowdy throughout the game — definitely something everyone should experience during their time here at OSU.