New Classes, New Insights

School continues grinding along at Fisher for MAcc students. This semester gives us a lot more freedom with electives because there are ZERO required classes. It's definitely a different experience and it's pretty exciting to hear about all of the diverse electives my friends are taking. We aren't restricted to only accounting or even only business classes. If you can make a case for a class helping you in your career, you can receive credit toward your degree. I have a friend continuing his Mandarin studies from undergrad as a part of the MAcc.

One of my favorites this semester has been Tax Business Strategy. Even though I'm starting my career in audit, understanding taxes more will be helpful for the CPA exams and my professional skills. Some of my classmates going into audit shudder whenever taxes are mentioned but the material has been manageable for me so far. It helps that I'm taking two tax classes at once - some of the material overlaps and seeing things from different perspectives from different professors gives a deeper understanding of the concepts.

The photo above shows my group giving a presentation on taxes in the news, which is why I love this class so much. Each lecture starts with a brief discussion about a news headline surrounding taxes. We break down the media hype around the story and get to the technicalities of the tax code behind it. It's a subject we see in the news so often, especially with this being an election year, so learning what's really going on connects my education to feeling more informed in daily life.