Always Improving!

I hope that your New Year is off to a good start!

The past few weeks were very much needed after a busy and fast-paced semester. I managed to spend some quality time with my family on New Year's Eve and waste a lot of money on food (no regrets here). 

My Family in San Diego
My Family in San Diego

This spring semester is probably the more exciting semester for Fisher SMF students because we get to customize our path by selecting a handful of different electives. As I have mentioned in my previous blog post, the SMF program offers 4 different tracks that students can follow: corporate finance, investment management, risk management, and real estate.

Course Distribution
Course Distribution

One of the many things that I'm impressed with the program and the faculty is their commitment to never stop improving the program and provide students with all the tools and skills that they need and also want to learn. Take this year for example, to address the increasing integration of technology into the financial sector, the program started to offer a FinTech course taught by professor Amin Shams.  A sneak peek of the syllabus:

We will analyze how new technologies create value in the financial industry, from reducing unit cost, increasing transparency, increasing competition, creating network effects, leveraging economies of scales, and lowering asymmetric information.

Professor Amin Shams

Another good example is the incorporation of the Investment Strategies and Philosophies course, taught by professor Matt Sheridan, into the SMF program in order to provide students with limited finance background some basic fundamental investment mindsets and models. Yet another sneak peek of the syllabus:

This course is designed to uncover different investment strategies, reveal the beliefs that underlie each one, provide evidence on whether the strategies actually produce results, and what an investor needs to understand in order to implement a philosophy.

Professor Matt Sheridan

The faculties put a lot of weight on students' opinions and evaluations of the courses in order to continue improving the program and to keep the students up-to-date with the evolving modern world and society. This, once again, has confirmed my decision of pursuing my Master's degree at the Ohio State University to be one of the best that I have made.

Thank you for reading my blog post and I hope that you will have an enjoyable semester ahead of you!

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