Stacked with Talent

It can be a challenge to maintain one's morale in the winter months, including here in the Midwest.  I work as a graduate student ambassador in the Fisher Graduate Programs Office - the other ambassadors and I always try to find a way to have fun with work. Last week, Elise Zawacki, Eric Luehmann, and I were tasked with filling boxes with surprise gifts for many of our admitted graduate students for autumn 2020. With so many boxes to fill, we figured we'd stack them once they were filled and see just how high we could go. As you can gather from the featured image of the blog, they never ended up falling, and we ended up stacking these boxes all the way to the ceiling of the GPO - for those of you wondering, the GPO ceiling is exactly 30 boxes high off the ground.

It was a fun bonding moment between a few of the graduate ambassadors, and we even got a few laughs from our recruiters and directors as they walked out of their respective offices and saw this monstrosity teetering in the hallway.

Moral of this story? It's important to keep perspective and to always try to have fun while working hard. This mindset is something I've developed as a graduate ambassador for Ohio State and as a graduate student at Ohio State. Between classes, working in the GPO, and studying for the CPA exam, it can be hard to carve out time to have a little fun each day. So instead, start trying to incorporate a little fun into your work each day, and you may find it much more fulfilling!