Coaching Groups to Help Them Become More Effective

A few weeks ago, I kicked off my final semester of the Fisher MHRM program! In the new year I have decided to take on any practical application opportunities that come my way throughout the next 14 weeks. Which is why I would like to share a recent experience I volunteered to take part in.

A new and exciting event for me was working with a group of full time MBA students facilitating a coaching & feedback session for their new semester core teams. Essentially I assisted a newly formed team to reflect upon the past semester with their previous teams and helped them create a team charter for the upcoming semester.

Before this session could take place one of our certified coaches who teaches in the MHRM program, John Schaffner, taught us two different techniques for leading the team retrospective. These approaches included the “Learning Matrix” and the “New Leader Assimilation”.  As a facilitator I learned multiple things. The importance of striving for safety in the environment of the session, keeping the conversation in bounds of time and context as well as fostering accountability for the group.

Although this event was only a day long, I added some new techniques to my skill set, gained practical experience as well as confidence in this area. More specifically, I learned the power of listening and cultivating  curiosity in conversation.

I look forward to sharing more experiences as I continue throughout the semester!

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