My favorite Ohio State on-campus fitness classes

Getting back to school after the winter break can be unexciting. However, I have found joy attending different group fitness classes last semester, and they are the motivation for me to get back to campus and restart my workout routine after a long break. Below are my three current favorites and those that I highly recommend.

Barre or Barre Bootcamp or Cycle+Barre

Barre class setup. Each bar is shared among 4 people, so barre class can be filled very quickly.

Barre is definitely my favorite workout method, since I want to tone my body by using small weights with lots of reps. I also hate cardio so barre fits my preference perfectly. Barre bootcamp is a bit more intense than the regular barre. Cycle+Barre is a combination of both where we do cycling for the first half hour, and barre for the second half.

STRONG by Zumba

STRONG by Zumba is also a pretty popular class.

This is a type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. I do this once or twice a week for cardio, because it is so much more fun since the music is drafted and reversed engineer to match every move, so you're always in sync with the music while sweating. This is the class I would recommend as the first class for newcomers.

Hip Hop Fitness

Another type of cardio classes that I look forward to every Friday. I have to admit that I have no dancing skills, so the first few classes was a struggle as I tried to tell my body to follow the dance moves. However, it's easy to learn these moves quickly, and once you have the general idea of what to do, your body will just move naturally to the beat of your favorite hip hop songs.

Group fitness classes like these start as early as 6:15am and end as late as 9pm. These classes are held both at our biggest gym, the Recreational & Professional Activity Center (RPAC), and the North Recreation Center (which is a 3-minute-walk from Fisher!). There are so many choices to choose from so everyone will be able to pick their favorites. I wasn't a fan of barre since I came to OSU, but after just 2 or 3 classes I was hooked. I highly recommend these to anyone, especially since they're free for students!

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