Top Five Things I Learned About Myself

SMF Class after Core Capstone Presentations

As the semester comes to an end, and I prepare myself for an almost 48 hour journey to Mumbai, I can't help but reflect on the 18 weeks that have passed by (or literally flown by).

Below are five things that I've learned about myself over the semester in the SMF program:

  • I'm capable of working with people from different backgrounds and who have different sets of views (hopefully my team will agree!). Working with the same people in every class (eight classes) teaches you a lot about yourself and others.
  • I can survive without mum and dorm life. I lived in dorms for all four years of undergrad, so, I didn't have to worry about food, bills, etc. Living off-campus as a grad student is a whole new ball game.
  • I love any form of data analysis. After being able to take classes in different fields, I've come to the conclusion that I like any form of quantitative analysis (anything that's connected to Math :P).
  • I can stay up the whole night to play cards, board games, or any game in general. I don't know how many hours I've spent playing some form of a game with my classmates.
  • My liberal arts education has come into use at a business school. This for those pursuing a liberal arts degree and wondering if they can pursue a business/finance master's degree -a liberal arts degree teaches you how to learn, and that will be helpful anywhere you go. I've been able to use my undergraduate education in writing reports, reading long articles quickly (finance classes don't come anywhere near to our history/English classes in terms of material to read), analyzing critically, and learning new material and being able to utilize it.

Overall, I've had a busy semester that has given me many opportunities to learn things academically but also on a personal level. Looking forward to new opportunities in the spring semester!

Happy Holidays!

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