Reuniting with the Fam

This year's Thanksgiving was a little bit more special than the other four because this year, I got to spend it with my sister, who is currently working for PwC (I'm a very proud little sister) and my brother, who just started his freshman year (also a very proud older sister). After a long, intense, and very rewarding first semester in the Fisher SMF program, this was a welcome occurrence.

First time reuniting in the States
First time reuniting in the States

There are many things that I'm grateful for this year. One of them is having both of my siblings living only 2-hour (by car) away from me. With my sister being able to provide for herself and care for us, I feel like I finally have a place to call "home" in the States.

We don't usually celebrate Thanksgiving, but this year was an exception. My sister (on a whim) decided to do something different: host a Thanksgiving meal. It took us so much time to cook the turkey, make the mashed potatoes then bake the pumpkin pie... This is just a glimpse of how amazing everything looked!

Our Thanksgiving Meal
Our Thanksgiving Meal

Just kidding... We got most of our food from Bob Evans' Thanksgiving combo, which is why they turned out so nice and yummy.

It's easy to get really wrapped up in everything school- and SMF-related - I'm glad I had the opportunity to reconnect with some of my family. As rigorous as grad school is, it's important to maintain your circle of friends and family. I really did enjoy myself to the fullest this year and am always looking forward to the upcoming ones.

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