Nostalgic Eats: Remembering my first time in CMH

About a month ago, I traveled out of state and traveled through CMH, Columbus's airport. While traveling, I got to spend plenty of time in the Columbus airport, which I had not been to since my visit day last year as a prospective MAcc applicant. It brought back plenty of memories, as my dad and I ventured through this same airport last February when we visited Ohio State and its MAcc program for the first time.

CMH Entryway
By Nick Juhasz at English Wikipedia, CC BY 2.5,

While in the airport, I even ate at the same spot my dad and I had eaten at while we waited to depart Columbus nine months ago: Eddie George's Grille 27. This was a nostalgic experience for me, and I remembered the feeling of being in a totally new place and the excitement of potentially calling Columbus home should I attend Ohio State. 9 months later and in the same restaurant, I can definitely say I made the right choice to complete the Fisher's MAcc program.