Doubling Up: Becoming a Double Buckeye!

I didn’t know what being a Double Buckeye meant until I truly started to embrace the meaning of one earlier this year! You see, returning to Ohio State to pursue an MBA on Fisher’s renowned campus was a journey home for me. I grew up an hour west of Ohio State and later graduated from here with a degree in Industrial & Systems Engineering in 2012, so I was already familiar with Ohio State’s highly ranked football team, the vast resources accessible to OSU students, and the surrounding city of Columbus.  What more was there for me to experience here, I thought?  But that question disappeared as quickly as it came and I soon discovered that coming back to Fisher for my MBA was an entirely new and exciting experience.

In March 2019, I got a chance to experience Fisher’s culture firsthand by meeting with my new classmates and friends while dining over the football stadium. Through the Red Carpet Weekend Experience, Fisher’s Graduate Programs Office confirmed for me the main reasons I came back to Ohio State: the people and the culture. The culture at Fisher is both collaborative and diverse while maintaining a spark of competitiveness, which speaks to the high level of intelligence that I am surrounded with every single day!

The first four months have been life-changing as I have explored areas through this program and within myself that I never would have dreamed. I am using this journey to create, lead, and inspire others, which is what I have always wanted to do. I do this every day in my classes, but also through the passion projects that I work on outside of the classroom.  In August, I got to soar high at Summit Vision to face my fear of heights, and trust in my classmates to get me through.  I have toiled through my core courses together with classmates during long nights of studying for exams that felt like they would never end at times.  Sometimes this results in a euphoric breakthrough.  Other times it means being encouraged by a classmate to persevere when I want to quit.  In either case, this is our collaborative Fisher spirit shining bright.  We celebrate each other's victories and we fight for each other in the face of challenges.

Most importantly, to me, is that the journey to finding out the type of leader I am is ever more lucid. Every single experience that I have with my colleagues, and now friends, is shaping me into the person I want to be every minute of every hour of every day.

The biggest thing I have discovered in returning to OSU is that this is not simply a walk down memory lane or a homecoming.  No, this is a continuation of my journey filled with unique adventures serving as the gateway to my future.  While I don’t know where the journey will end, I do know where it begins – and that’s with me! I am flying first class into the future.  Why?  Because a Double Buckeye would do it no other way!

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