Global Applied Projects | New Delhi

Global Applied Projects (GAP) is a first-year MBA elective that allows small teams of students to tackle real consulting projects with international companies. The class is structured in two distinct blocks, with the first block comprising 7 weeks of class sessions aimed to develop critical skills and remote work on projects. For the second block, students travel to the client's country and spend 3 weeks working with them on site.  Past locations include Brazil, Tanzania, France, China, and India.

This past May, I had the opportunity to travel to New Delhi, India along with 6 of my classmates for my GAP assignment.  It is one of the greatest highlights of my first year at Fisher. My team and I worked alongside leaders in the partnering company, contributed to an industry-wide analysis, and helped finish a complex project that was months in the making. In addition to the hands-on business experience, there was ample opportunity to broaden our cultural knowledge.  GAP allowed me to learn about the work culture in India and how it differs from the US.

Friday night rush hour traffic heading towards New Delhi

While our project was the primary focus of the trip, we still found time to take advantage of the weekends and sneak in some personal travel to explore New Delhi, Mumbai, and Agra. These trips made for some unforgettable experiences, including a trip to the Taj Mahal, the completion of a ghost pepper chicken lollipop challenge, and numerous rickshaw rides.

Overall, GAP was an amazing culmination of everything we learned in the first year of the MBA program.  Working through an engaging project with talented classmates in a beautiful country was the perfect conclusion to an incredible year.

Super Spicy Lollipop Challenge!