Tackling Evening Classes as a MAcc Student

This semester I have one evening class, Advanced Topic in Accounting, that starts at 6:15pm and ends at 9:30pm every Wednesday. Most MAcc classes are offered during the day, with a few elective options that

Heading back to campus when most MAcc students heading out

are offered at night, so these classes are not common for MAcc students. Since I also have my required classes on the same day, which starts at 8:30am, my  Wednesdays seem to be very long. However, three weeks in and I still enjoy it a lot, especially due to the content of the class, as we're learning about E-commerce, IT security, and some exposure to Python coding. I interviewed two of my classmates, Michael Kaufman and Shuo Li, who are also MAcc students, to get their opinions on taking evening classes and below are their responses.

  • What motivated you to select this class although the time may not be appealing?

Shuo: There are three main reasons for me, firstly, I think Python would be helpful in my future work, so I'm interested in learning about it. Second, this class meets only once a week, and I enjoy this kind of schedule. And our professor is knowledgeable and nice!

  • What is a perk of having classes in the evening?

Michael: [It would be] the flexibility of having a variety of courses offered to match my interests.

  • What are your tips on managing late night classes?


- Eat a heavy meal. You will get hungry!

- Make sure to rest the night before you have your evening class.

  • Would you still choose evening classes next semester (as we have more evening elective options) based on your experience so far?

Shuo: Definitely yes! I have registered for two evening classes for the spring semester.

It appears that both of my classmates, and myself selected the class because we all enjoy the content and the professor, despite the late time. We also like the idea of meeting once a week as we can have more time for other tasks such as homework, group meetings, and work. Having evening classes is definitely manageable and helps you clear up your schedule during the day too, if you don't mind getting back a bit late once or twice a week.