A quarter of the way done...

The conclusion of fall break officially marks a quarter of the MAcc program complete. It’s crazy to think the program is already 25% done when it feels like we were just at orientation getting to know each other yesterday. A unique aspect of our MAcc program here at Ohio State is that all of the accounting core classes and electives are half-semester classes, similar to the quarter system. Half semester classes have their pros and cons, and now that I have officially completed some of my classes, I can reflect on some of these aspects.


  1.  Fewer classes at once than on the semester system

For undergraduate courses, I was accustomed to the semester system, and each class was about three credit hours. Thus, in undergrad, when I took 18 credit hours, I would have about six classes every week for the entire semester. Whereas in the MAcc program, I can take 17.5 total credit hours for the semester, but because they are half-semester classes (each about 1.5 or 2.5 credit hours), I have four classes in the first quarter and a different four classes the next quarter. The quarter system allows you to take more classes overall, but fewer courses at once. I have found this to be extremely convenient because now I have time to study for my classes and enjoy myself.

2. Fast-paced classes

The great part about quarter classes is there is no downtime. Professors are teaching you an entire semester worth of content in half the amount of time. Fast-paced courses are beneficial for students who are up for the challenge and love to continuously learn without wasted time.

3. The classes are only 8 weeks!

You didn’t like a class that you took that quarter, whether it was difficult or uninteresting to you, the good news is that it’s over in just eight weeks! This is great motivation to keep pushing yourself because you can do anything for eight weeks.


1. Frequent exams

One of the biggest cons I have found with quarter classes is the number of exams in such a short period of time. Professors typically will issue a midterm and final within the quarter. Although it seems like a lot at first, it is all very manageable. Additionally, the professors in the MAcc program do their best to work with each other and make sure their exams are not all on the same day.

2. Fast-paced classes

I mentioned this as a pro above, but it is also a con at times. We are all human, and often we need a chance to recover and catch up, fast-paced classes can be hard to keep up with. But like I mentioned earlier, the good news is you are only in about 4-5 courses at a time, so it is very manageable.

Overall, I have come to enjoy quarter classes, and I am loving the MAcc program thus far!