Where Did Two Years at Fisher Go?

Wow, I cannot believe in a less than a week, I will be graduating from The Fisher College of Business with my MBA. Where did the time go?

My incredible core team (L to R: Gustavo, Shiva, Michael, Ben and myself). We spent so much time together our first year working on projects for every class. Some of the best friends I made here at Fisher.

I still remember going through pre-term before classes started where I met my cohort and my amazing core team (picture of us above!). I felt so much energy from my peers, from professors, and from the professional staff at Fisher who would help and guide us all through two of the hardest years of our lives. That energy carried through the entire first year, and was replaced by a different, but equally amazing, type of energy in the second year where my peers and I felt more at home at Fisher and with each other.

Jeff, Nikki, Margot, Adam, and I picking apples for my birthday!

I came to business school to pick up the technical skills I didn’t learn in undergrad. As a journalism and art double major, I never touched subjects like accounting, finance, economics, or operations. Those skills, I knew, would be critical to my success in the next phase of my career.

Margot and I at one of the home football games in The Shoe.

But what I didn’t expect was how much I would grow as an individual and as a leader, and how much I would discover about myself. Within the walls of Gerlach Hall, I was exposed to topics on leadership, motivating teams, and developing subordinates. I was forced to think about who I wanted to become, what type of leader I wanted to be, and what I wanted to be remembered for. Professors challenged my ideas and views on a variety of topics, which pushed me to think differently and take a hard look at how and why I saw the world in a certain way. Sure, I gained technical skills that will undoubtedly help me after I leave Fisher, but those softer skills and self-reflection will be the driving force behind my performance as a leader in the workplace.

Meeting Anderson Cooper (for the second time!) at the ROMBA Conference in Boston.

One of the main reasons I chose Fisher was because of the casual environment. When I came to campus for Red Carpet Weekend, I felt this unique energy among the people around me. The focus was on collaboration over competition, and students were encouraged to be themselves versus trying to fit into whatever mold they thought a graduate business student should be.

My winning case competition team (L to R: myself, Matt, Sammy, and Ross).

After two years at Fisher, I cannot tell you how beneficial that feeling is. I never felt pressured to come to class in a suit every day, and I knew if I was ever having a bad day, all I had to do was walk into the Graduate Programs Office or the Office of Career Management unannounced, and one of the professional staff members would have the right words to help me through whatever I was dealing with that day. That, without a doubt, is one of the selling points of Fisher. Classes are classes, but the people who help you along the way make so much of a difference on your success.

My good friend, David, and I. We were both in Seattle last summer for our internships. He was at Starbucks and I was at Expedia.

Business school is one of the hardest things I have ever done in my life. But it’s all worth it. After two years of staying up late reading cases, working on an assignment, or trying to build the perfect financial model, I am so happy with this decision. It’s one of the best I have ever made. I met my best friends at Fisher, and I know the best is only yet to come for us. Somehow, I also found time to start my own online business, which my Fisher peers and professors were instrumental in helping me get off the ground.

My dad and I in The Shoe for his first OSU football game!

And so, as I begin the next phase of my life, I leave you with this. It’s not a sales pitch for Fisher (though I do hope you consider it!). Instead, find the program that works for you. Find the energy and support I found at Fisher. Find the place that will push you harder than you ever thought possible. But most of all, find the place that feels like home. I found that at Fisher and I hope you find that too.

Author: Alex Masica

Alex is a student in the MBA program at Fisher College of Business. He is VP of Programming for Association of Marketing Professionals, serves on the Equality Ohio board through Fisher Board Fellows, and works as a graduate assistant in the graduate programs office.