What Goes Around Comes Around

Hi Everyone!

My name is Audrey Farber, I am originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and grew up a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan (O-H!). I just graduated in May from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign and will be working for Deloitte in Chicago starting next fall. Here is the story of how I ended up in the MAcc program!

After OSU beat Michigan in 2016!

I chose to go away for my undergraduate degree but found myself visiting friends and family in Columbus for multiple home football games each fall. The culture and energy at Ohio State is second-to-none. Even though I was not part of the student body, I felt at home here at OSU!

Michigan State game 2015



It wasn’t until my internship in Chicago after junior year of college that a light bulb went off in my head. During a networking happy hour, a colleague planted the seed in my mind that I could go anywhere I wanted for my masters. Everyone from my university stays for the 5th year, rather than applying elsewhere, so I never thought about my options.

It is because of that colleague that I immediately looked at the MAcc website and got in touch with the program! I can tell you now that I am so grateful for that conversation and for my decision to apply to the MAcc program. Not only am I expanding my network, I am learning from students who attended dozens of different universities across the US and the world.

So if you’re still reading, take the leap and become a Buckeye. You won’t regret it!


Author: Audrey Farber

Undergrad institution: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Undergrad Major: Accountancy Previous Employer: Deloitte Job Title: Audit Intern