Ringing In The New Year With Fisher

After a well-needed three-week hiatus, I am feeling rested and ready to get back to it. I’m lucky and got to embrace my inner snow bird and return to the sunshine state of Florida for a few weeks. My break consisted of mostly sleeping and spending time with family, as well as spending time on the water doing different activities such as boating and fishing.


Returning to Columbus three weeks later, I felt refreshed and ready to take on this semester. I still have my personal goals (and even got a Fitbit for my birthday), but I also have academic goals in mind. In four short months, I will be graduating from The Ohio State University MAcc program. I feel very proud to even type that. It’s a bittersweet feeling because I know that I am moving this summer to another state, but that motivates me even more to enjoy my final semester in college (possibly ever).

I’m sure this semester will pose some challenges down the road, but that’s what we all signed up for. I personally enjoy tackling challenges and I look forward to what this semester has to offer.