Elective Courses in the MAcc

One of the great characteristics of the MAcc program at the Fisher College of Business is that a majority of your classes will be electives. The MAcc curriculum encourages students to explore interests and passions through courses outside of the accounting discipline. One factor that led to me deciding to pursue a MAcc at Ohio State was the opportunity to challenge myself with graduate-level courses in specific subjects interest me.

This semester, I am taking a course titled Business of College Sports. This course is taught by Ohio State’s Athletic Director, Gene Smith, and his awesome wife, Sheila. Playing and watching sports have been passions of mine ever since I started playing soccer at the age of four. I love college football and college basketball; I have followed the Buckeyes in these sports ever since I can remember. This is a very unique class because it provides insight into the business decisions that casual sports fans might not consider.

The format of the class involves guest speakers, facility tours and group presentations. One thing I love about the class is how diverse it is. Since it is classified as an HR class, there are not only MAcc students, but there are MBA’s, JD/MBA’s and Masters of Sports Management students as well (any graduate student at Fisher can take the course). The group project allows us to pick any topic relating to the college sports landscape. My group is going to be researching the economic impact of paying student athletes a wage. Paying student athletes has been in the news a lot recently, so my group thought doing research on this and presenting it to the class would help Gene Smith understand the implications a policy such as this would have on Ohio State Athletics specifically.

This is our entire class during our tour of Ohio Stadium (the Horseshoe)
This is our entire class during our tour of Ohio Stadium (the Horseshoe)

Other electives offered during the fall semester include Data Mining for Business Intelligence, Corporate Finance I & II (required in order to take finance electives in the spring), Tax planning for Managerial Decision Making, and Talent Management.  While these are just some of the electives offered in the fall through the Fisher College of Business, there are many more offered through other graduate programs that you are able to take as long as you meet the pre-requisites for the class.

In my next blog post, I will be interviewing several of my classmates to give their experiences with different elective courses.

Author: Caleb Gruenbaum

Student Ambassador for the MAcc. Combined BSBA/MAcc student.