From Bangalore to Columbus

The feeling of leaving behind everything and everyone who has shaped you become what you are is probably the worst feelings to go through. Standing at the Bangalore airport, waiting for my flight to Columbus there were so many trains of thoughts running in my mind: if only I could get some more time to spend with my loved ones !

Bangalore Airport : Everyone crying except my Dad LOL !

The experience of coming all the way from India to a place where you know no-one can be a bit overwhelming at first, but not as much later as you start your school with International orientation, Pre-Term and finally classes – it will leave you with no time to even contemplate!! I must say long hours at Orientation and Pre-Term can be pretty tiring and I couldn’t wait for classes to start. But I realized how smartly they are designed to bring people together as a group and inculcate the sense of belonging. One of the best part of the Pre-Term was Summit Vision as it gives you the environment to get to know your classmates beyond classroom. But one can not forget the Scavenger hunt and the Fisher challenge that gives you a taste of MBA grad life – being on the go.

scavenger hunt @OSU
scavenger hunt @OSU with my Core Team

Like everyone else I have come here with high aspirations and an open mind to make the most of these 2 years of my life as there will no other time in my life with an opportunity to experiment and re-define myself. With my dreamy eyes and eagerness to learn I stepped into the first week of classes. I came here with a hat on my head that 4 years of working at Goldman Sachs has prepped me enough for hectic life of a B school student but i was wrong indeed! as you are not a student but an MBA professional already and you never have enough time.

I must say coming from an Engineering background and having no formal knowledge of business is quite a transition. It couldn’t get better with the difference in the teaching methodology adopted in East vs West. The level of engagement in class between students and teachers is admiring and the practical knowledge of real life examples brought in classroom has amazed me. I am super impressed with the humongous resources we have on campus to engage and refine ourselves for the only thing that could stop one here is time!   As the week of my B school classes end, I am left behind with a feeling of anxiety to perform my best and the eagerness to bring fresh perspective to the class from my experience.