It’s difficult to just shut off HR

Harkening back to the working full time / school full time model, I have encountered another interesting phenomenon; I can’t just turn off the training easily. Many of my books from classes are on my desk at home and my wife has taken up reading a few of them. She said that she noticed me using some of the verbal techniques with her and she told me to stop using them. I never really thought about it, until she mentioned it, but she was right! Thinking about it more in depth, I realize that on class days (with a full time job), I spend close to 16 hours practicing HR thought and speech, 12 plus hours on non class days, and apparently some time at home practicing it. It is an excellent testament to the effectiveness of the potency of education to have such long lasting effects!

Another fact is that at heart, I am an analytical thinker. I like to take my time being thoughtful and considering my answer. During my Thanksgiving break, my head was whirling with respect to thinking about the time I would be spending with my family, projects and proposals that I am managing at work, assignments and tests that I have for the end of the semester. Going back to my EMT days, I realized that I was experiencing a type of emotional shock. This led me to discover that I need a decompression period between work, school, and home life. Especially when a break is approaching. The other clarity is being able to express the need for this decompression to my family, so that they understand the process and can help me to adjust.

It’s not to be critical, but more aware that this behavior is a “side effect” of the MHRM program. Taking a step back from the program, I realize that the whole process is quite elegant. In the grand scheme, I am slowly being acclimated to the experiences of business culture. Of course, in the everyday, I sometimes feel like it is moving a mile a minute. I may not be able to shut off my HR training completely, but I can recognize what is happening and perhaps minimize it’s presence when I am at home.

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  1. Love this major even more. I tend to think about personal life when doing the reading….I’m abstracted but it also helps to use what we’ve learned every moment~~

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