Freshmen Together!

OH-IO under the lights in Disney World!

I come from a large family, I am actually the eldest of five, and started the tradition of attending THE Ohio State University. This year is a special year for me as not only am I starting graduate school but my brother is following in my footsteps as he starts his first year in his undergraduate studies.

Having my brother here has been such an eye-opening experience for me. It makes me nostalgic of my freshman year, but also thrills me that I can live vicariously through him as he progresses through the year. It’s an exciting time for both of us. He is gradually adjusting to life as a college student as I attempt to juggle graduate-level classes, work, and also having a social life (don’t worry, it is definitely feasible!). Deep down, I like to think my brother fully appreciates the advice I give him and not just having me on campus for my chauffeur abilities. I also like to believe I’ll be getting a nice plaque/award/poster for all my help; yet I’ll settle for him asking me to a catch-up dinner instead. It’s neat to think that we are both starting a new chapter in our lives and that we are both able to go through it together. Most importantly, good news for my parents, they have only one stop to visit on Parents’ Weekend!