My First Year MBA Life Begins!

After 5 years working, I finally choose to come back to school to pursue a MBA degree. Exciting! Everything at Fisher and OSU is new to me; it’s totally different from my past experience in the undergraduate university in Beijing. During Pre-term from 5/Aug to 21/Aug, I met my dearest classmates,  those guys will spend the next 2 years with me. How wonderful! It must be quite  amazing to share each others’ experience and wonderful stories in class. Also, each of us was assigned to a team, usually 4-5 team members per team, including 1-2 international students and 1-2 female students. For my team, my dear team 13, we have John, Tara, Joey, Deepu and me. It is important to build a team successfully because many assignments are required to be handed in as a team. I must say, my team members are fabulous, talented, passionate and nice!