Moving to Columbus

Not from Columbus? Not from Central Ohio? Not from Ohio? No problem! Columbus is a city eager to please and with a generous learning curve to ride while acclimating yourself to a new environment.

I grew up in a rural area of Springfield Ohio about 45 minutes southwest of Columbus near a small artsy little town called Yellow Springs (definitely worth the day trip if you’re interested!).  I completed my undergraduate degree at Hiram College in rural northeast Ohio, about 45 minutes south east of Cleveland.  My knowledge of Columbus started with the fastest way to get through/around the city to get to Cleveland and ended with the general location of the Columbus Zoo with few auxiliary details in-between.

Fisher College of Business caught my eye the summer between my junior and senior year of my undergraduate degree. While visiting, not only did I fall head over heels for Fisher’s MAcc program and the opportunities it offered, I fell in love with the city of Columbus.  So this person who had always lived in the middle of nowhere decided to pack up her things after graduation and haul a carload of memories and very uncomfortable high heels to a 3 bedroom house in Grandview Heights, a community located about 2.5 miles from Fisher Campus.

I started looking for places to live 3 months before finding my roommates and our house in Grandview Heights. I live with two OSU Veterinary School students who are both in their final year and will graduate along with me in the spring of 2014. Finding roommates for me was unconventional. I lucked out and they found me. I did plenty of searching before that opportunity came around though!

Trying to find an apartment for the first time is hard enough now add on top of that the fact that most students are not from Columbus, many are not from Ohio and some are even from different countries. The staff at the Fisher Graduate Programs Office was extremely helpful.

Using their own experience with the city they helped me to familiarize myself with the area before I started my search. I found Columbus to be a city that was easy to get to know. The apartment owners I spoke with were kind, accommodating and patient. Rent was pretty standard across the board and each landlord was relatively transparent and even went so far as to give me an idea of what bills would be. As someone who was terribly naïve concerning “living on your own in the real world” it was wonderful to have so many resources and kind people available to me.

Columbus is a city begging to be explored. I have only been here since
May and already I have been to a Clipper’s game, found the best taco truck in town, explored OSU’s campus, wandered the German Village and eaten a giant cream puff from Schmidt’s. I have even found a hole-in-the-wall restaurant to get some amazing and cheap Thai food and a little Chinese grocery that carries all the things I miss from my time abroad. I have my own secret places in Columbus now! You’ll have to keep reading the blogs to discover them along with me.

I am so glad that I chose Fisher and Columbus to become my new home. If given the choice I would pick Columbus all over again and I would definitely recommend it to any considering the move.