Intopia – The Class that Makes You CEO

Yesterday evening was my first Intopia class…I don’t think my team and I will be getting much sleep on Tuesdays.

A quick recap of the glorious Intopia: students split into teams of four and own a computer/PC business. With a home office and the ability to enter the markets in the USA, Brazil and Europe – teams will act as internal business owners. We will chose (and modify) a strategy, negotiate, look into market research and R&D, review financials, convert currencies and 1,000 other things.

We will learn how to work with team-members – both defending positions and compromising.

I am very excited, yet very apprehensive, for this class.

However, opportunities such as this is the core reason I entered into Fisher’s MBA program. I want to push myself out side my comfort zone and really understand a business. This class is going to force me to take a deep dive into financial reports (see how I used an awesome BSchool word right there?!), something that isn’t my strength.

This simulation class is also permitting me to work with different classmates. I am excited to get to know them a little bit better, and the hours and hours I will be spending at Gerlach Hall on Tuesday evenings will be the perfect opportunity.

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  1. Bryon – so far, only one “actual” meeting! My team is discussing a strategy tomorrow, I know it’s going to be great…but I am a little overwhelmed! Thanks for your comment.

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