A Day In The Life Of A Fisher MBA

I recently had a friend, from back home in Utah, give me a call to catch up and see how business school was going. We talked about the classes and the recruiting events. I spoke about my classmates and the breakdown of cohorts and first-year teams. It was fun discussing the challenges and successes of attending a top-tier business school.

After about 15 minutes of catching up and filling him in on my schooling, he asked, “so, what is business school really like? What does your daily routine and schedule look like?” I thought I had done a good job of painting the b-school picture for him, but apparently not. He wanted the gritty details of every day. So, I walked him through a day in my life. Here is what it looks like – a day in the life of a Fisher MBA:

6:00-7:15 I roll out of bed and jump in the shower, trying not to wake my wife or our 11 month-old son in the other room. I get ready for the day, pack my computer and books into my backpack, make sure my lunch is ready to go for the afternoon if I don’t have a lunch meeting scheduled at school. I eat breakfast (a must in b-school to make sure you make it through the day) and head out the door.

7:45-8:15 – I like to get to school a little earlier than most of my classmates. I will review case notes and the readings from the night before to make sure that I am ready to contribute in class.

8:30-10:00  – First class of the day. Enjoy class lectures and analyzing case studies.Depending on the day I would either be attending Strategy or Leadership Excellence.

10:00-12:00 – Study time. I normally hunker down in a study room with a few of my classmates to read cases, work on papers, finalize team projects, research companies, etc.

12:00-1:00 -I frequently eat lunch in the student lounge or I attend a Fisher sponsored event. Many of the events over the lunch hour are great learning opportunities. Fisher frequently brings in executives from around the country to speak about business and leadership. I have found these events to be very beneficial and educational! During the lunch hour is also when many of the student organizations host activities and events. These are great times to meet more students and learn more about specific industries and job functions.

1:15-2:45 -Second class of the day. Currently, it would be Market Research and Analysis or Consumer Behavior.

3:00-4:00 -I normally have team meetings, project briefings, or graduate assistant responsibilities that I attend to during this hour. Mainly use this time to make sure that everything that needs to be accomplished is headed in the right direction.

4:30-6:00 -I try to head over to the gym and get in a quick workout. This helps keep a balance in my life during the busy days and weeks at Fisher.

6:15-10:00 – Family time. This by far is the best time of the day. I normally don’t see my wife or son before I take off in the mornings so I really clear my schedule for the evenings so that I have time to devote to them. As soon as I get home, we eat dinner together and then I play with my little boy for the next hour or two. Then I feed him his last bottle, bathe him, and read his story and get him to sleep. Like I said, best time of the day. I then have about an hour of time to spend with my wife talking, reading, watching tv, playing a game, etc.

10:00-11:30 -This is when I get back to studying for the last hour or two of the day. I will finish up papers, readings cases, and assigned homework until I can’t keep my eyes open.

Wake-up the next morning. Repeat. The life of a (married) b-school student. Gotta love it!